Jake will focus on the issues that matter to Providence residents. 

Raise Your Standard of Living

Raise the standard of living for city residents by supporting higher wages, better working conditions, accessible child care, and affordable, quality healthcare

Curb Gun Violence

Make our communities safer by passing strong gun safety laws and supporting the Providence Police Department

Promote Housing Affordability

Provide all city residents with affordable rental and homeownership options

Support Public Education

Ensure Providence students are learning in school buildings that are safe, warm, and secure; and that all children have access to breakfast and lunch so no child has to learn while hungry

Work with all stakeholders – including students, classroom teachers and support professionals, school administrators, elected officials, and community leaders – to help turn Providence schools around and make us a leader in providing our kids a top-notch public education system

Support Seniors, Veterans and Individuals Living With Developmental Disabilities

Support state funding for programs that help our seniors, veterans, and individuals living with developmental disabilities, and measures to eliminate tax payments on pension and Social Security benefits 

Bolster Local Businesses

Support our local small businesses by cutting burdensome red tape