Jake is ready to serve you

Jake has spent his career fighting for the
democratic values we believe in.

For the last twelve years I have served in leadership roles for the most prominent legislative bodies in our state. During my time with the Providence City Council, the Rhode Island House of Representatives, and the Rhode Island Senate, I’ve worked across party lines, ward boundaries, zip codes, and cities and towns to pass forward-thinking reforms to improve the lives of residents in Providence and throughout Rhode Island. From strengthening gun control measures, to raising wages, to protecting our environment, to improving quality of life in our city, and to building housing, I have fought to pass the most substantial reforms enacted into city and state law in recent memory.

Housing. Guns. Schools. Our city’s challenges center on the most basic elements of our daily life. Too many residents experience housing and food insecurity. A proliferation of guns on our streets leads to the mindless menace of violence that we seemingly read and hear about every day. Our public schools languish as students struggle to catch up from the COVID-19 learning disruption, and our teachers struggle just to get by every day in the classroom. Improving our city starts with more housing, safer streets, and better schools.

I am running for the State Senate to stand up for our community. Providence is a city of hope and potential. You deserve a State Senator who will work hand-in-hand with you for a brighter future. I truly understand the importance of this role and what it means for our community – and that is why I am asking for your vote.

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